Camelback Success Stories

Success starts with you

Meet Tim Bayer

"I started working at Camelback over 20 years ago.  I have held positions in many departments including parking, lift operations, lift maintenance, facilities, and have grown into my current role of Executive Director of Mountain Operations here at camelback.

I have had the pleasure to be part of the Resort growth….from working the old Alpine slide, seeing it closed and turned into a ski trail….to a new one being built.  I helped to build Vortex in a dirt parking lot, Installed the Zip flyer, Mountain coaster, and watched CMA take root.  I have seen our learn to program expand with lift removals and terrain expansion with additions of carpets.  Watched the Resort transform as we paved all lots, built and opened a Hotel and indoor waterpark. Along with many other adventures along the way.  I came here for a job 20+years ago, and started parking cars….it’s transformed into a career that I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of.

I have had the pleasure to work with so many great people along the way that have helped to mentor me and I was able to mentor some as well along the way. Many team members are still here and some are now industry peers at other local resorts. Camelback has provided me with such an exciting career path, along with so many others. All I had to was have fun and find the adventure in everything I was doing."

Meet Quetcy Dueño

"I orignally started as a Special Events Intern while studying for my degree at Northampton Community College in December of 2016. While interning, I aslo served as the Celebrations Assistant, and by January of 2017, I was promoted to Celebrations Specialist. I successfully grew the Celebrations Department by establishing the proper service guidelines to improve the guests experience. Soon after my promotion, I set a record for birthday parties in February with a total of 38 parties. I broke that record again in April with 42 parties. On November 3, 2017, I received another promotion to Special Events Coordinator which is my current position today. 

I enjoy working alongside our sales team and having the opportunity to interact with guests. I get to make the guest experience more memorable and help add just a little something extra special. I have had the privilege of executing all types of events from birthday parties to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to baby/bridal showers and weddings. To this day, I see guests and couples return to visit and there's a great feeling that comes over me that makes my job very rewarding."